About Order Code

Order code Systems was formed with a strong focus on Custom IT solutions and core principal of hard work and always learning philosophy. With a strong team of skilled and experienced IT professionals and functional expertise we give our customers what they really need – a perfect solution. We understand the critical nature of client’s business and provide best solutions.

provide many of the services and systems that have been built on a platform odoo ERP world with full compatibility with the rostrum to provide global systems of various sectors and levels of commercial, non-profit, health and educational in the Middle East..

We offer a complete sites for the business sector with the highest quality and modern designs Commensurate with different screens In line with global standards of the web W3C, we are dedicated to provide services for many sectors with appropriate prices.

help factories, companies and institutions to access methods of modern administration and planning and access to global certification
through counselling and professional integrated solutions
for our customers.

We work for you by working with you

Agile Development

Our agile process allows us to start development quickly and begin building features in conjunction with a staggered design process. Our design and development teams work in parallel to collaboratively design and build your application through daily standups, sprint planning sessions and end of sprint demos

Collaborative Partnership

As part of our agile process, our team becomes an extension of yours. Our project managers work with you to establish a project plan around your objectives.You’ll have direct access to everyone involved in the project. We’ll facilitate on site review meetings, daily standups, sprint planning, and off site discovery sessions.

Project Transparency

Everything we do is geared toward being as transparent as possible with your project. Our estimation process, help our management team keep you involved and up to date at every step of the way